Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More beautiful knits

Oh love the gathered shoulder.

Again by Nikki Gabriel she is so clever and also sells knitting patterns which I'm sure my lovely friend Larissa will be able to teach me how to follow.

I feel I owe it to my gorgeous, tenacious Nanna to learn how to knit and crochet - she was a master and I'm sitting here with a rather modern crocheted blanket on my lap which she made using the same wools that were used to make us jumpers as kids. Clever and resourceful.

I think I should start with crochet - Larissa tells me it's faster and let's be honest I'm not particularly patient so that could be a good way to begin. I'll let you know how I get on.

Beautiful knits

Is it outrageous to pay $250 for a scarf? What about if it's a beautiful cream, unstructured scarf which would make me smile every time I look at it?

It's a little bit like this piece by Nikki Gabriel which I saw on a favourite blog The Design Files.

Would I wear something so precious or would I fear spilling my morning coffee on its light cream threads? Or worry about it getting caught in the car door and dragging it along in the rain like I did with my grey vintage scarf? The one that I only like a little bit!

Hmmm it's in a local store near work called Zara Bryson which currently has a fifty-percent off sale, so I must make a decision soon.

To swoon or not to swoon? That is the question.

So Much to Swoon Over

It seems that daily I see something beautiful online and gasp.

I stuff web addresses in my bookmarks, tag, tag, tag or save the email into a bulging folder hoping that I'll remember the name of it when I want it later.

It's beginning to create swoon anxiety - how will I ever remember that gorgeous kid's clothing brand the next time a friend has a baby or those beautiful screen printed cushions when I decide it's time to update my bedroom?

Plus Emma that I work with has introduced me to the term e-swooning (fab!) and we're starting to share our online haunts. The sources of swoon are likely to grow even faster now!

So on a whim I've set up Oh So Swoon Worthy a place to gather together things that make me sigh!