Thursday, August 12, 2010

Boutique Melbourne hotels

Next time I head to Melbourne I'd love to stay at this unique concept hotel. It's one of three in Melbourne which form The Art Series hotels.

Each is named after a famous Australian artist, for example The Blackman, after Charles Blackman who was most prolific it seems in the 50's and 60's. Shamefully I've only discovered his work through finding this hotel - but I guess that's an added bonus as the suites are seriously swoon worthy. Not pretentious just gorgeous.

I found the deal on - cute site which has the catch phrase "Wake up happy" that's an ethos to live by.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Oh yes please - very affordable limited edition prints

Stunning collection of limited edition art prints available at Udessi (Australian online store).

I'm thinking of getting this one - does that mean I'm nesting or subconscious of my empty nest? Hmmm no matter it's pretty - does everything have to have a Fung Shui meaning?

It's by artist Renee Tremel who spent many hours volunteering in her local animal hospital whilst honing her artistic talent. It is only $20 for 1/100 print - that's like the cost of one of those McDonald's Family Packs but oh so much more satisfying!

Now that's a clever use for a doily

I have a great love for street art which makes you smile. So when I saw this it brought a sparkle to my heart. Not only is it clever I'm sure it brought joy to the hundreds of people who saw these temporary beauties on a beach on the Baltic Sea.

They are the work of a street artist from Warsaw, Poland called NeSpoon who also works in clay integrating pieces into the surroundings to reward the observant. Love that.

They are made by spraying glue onto lace doilies or table cloths and stringing them up like a cobweb. I'm thinking of trying my hand at it in my backyard to make it pretty for Summer Shenanigans.

** Thanks to Gareth for this post suggestion.

Oh Design*Sponge we're going to be good friends

You know how you'll hear about something and keep meaning to check it out for yourself and then you do and you wonder - why did I wait so long?

Today I finally got over to Design*Sponge and oh my - I am hooked - such a clever, clever site and I've only just scratched the surface - it has six years on content packed into it! I actually had to take a moment and catch my breath - so much creative beauty my head was spinning.

A really cute feature is called "Before and After" where readers submit their own crafty makeovers of old furniture and the like with very classy photography to match - man there are some inspired people around this world.

This project was submitted by a newly-wed couple who were searching for a new bedhead but couldn't find one they liked, so made their own from an old door. Smart, gorgeous and apparently cost them less than $50.

So simple and yet so pretty.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ahh beautiful stationery!

Just discovered a gorgeous online store for stationery products, it's called Notemaker. Oh my.

Where does my love of clever stationery items come from I wonder? Perhaps it's the combination of form and function, turning an everyday item into something to sigh over.

Yes that's it. Sprinkling joy into every day - knowing that when I use it I'll smile ....oh and OK also indulging my Virgo side which loves to organise!