Thursday, August 5, 2010

Oh Design*Sponge we're going to be good friends

You know how you'll hear about something and keep meaning to check it out for yourself and then you do and you wonder - why did I wait so long?

Today I finally got over to Design*Sponge and oh my - I am hooked - such a clever, clever site and I've only just scratched the surface - it has six years on content packed into it! I actually had to take a moment and catch my breath - so much creative beauty my head was spinning.

A really cute feature is called "Before and After" where readers submit their own crafty makeovers of old furniture and the like with very classy photography to match - man there are some inspired people around this world.

This project was submitted by a newly-wed couple who were searching for a new bedhead but couldn't find one they liked, so made their own from an old door. Smart, gorgeous and apparently cost them less than $50.

So simple and yet so pretty.

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