Thursday, June 16, 2011

Beautiful Hardcover DIY Books

My friend Emma just put me on to a clever crew based in California with a super cute name Blurb. They help you make your own book. Her husband is a graphic designer - so if he gives them the tick of approval, that's enough for me.

I'm amazed at how affordable they are - a medium sized book is under AUS$30.

Now I just need to decide on what to put in one. Perhaps that box of childhood photos gathering dust under my bed or maybe the hundreds of unsorted photos from my year in Europe - what was that almost 18 years ago? Man that's amazing - I felt so grown up then!

My beautiful mother Wendy keeps promising to write her memoirs - perhaps this is the kick start she needs - I can see it now - bound in hard back, with a linen cover and a dust jacket......very special. She's very nifty on a computer - all those days working at the army tracking station in Carnarvon. See that's just one of her stories. I wonder if they do gift vouchers?

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